microgreens are full of flavor. use them to mold your dish to the smallest detail. add texture and complexity 


Microgreens are an easy way to help bring a polished, fine dining look to your dish  


What is Neoteric farms

use as a salad base, or you can build a complete side salad out of microgreens


     Neoteric Farms was born out of one person's interest and passion in one thing. Locally grown, hand crafted, better than organic quality produce.  

So why Microgreens? Being in Colorado, we don't exactly have the longest growing season around. We wanted to produce something that will keep us in constant contact with local chefs and consumers. Microgreens are something we can produce year-round, and on a very quick production turn around.


For new customers that would like to try a sample simply contact us and we would love to set up a meeting. 

If you want regular deliveries we can get your custom mix growing right away. Most crops are a 2-3 week turn around. Once we establish a schedule, we can produce weekly products at your request. 

Hidden Flavors

Micro  Salads

The grower

My name is  Benton McKibben. I began the pursuit of urban farming in 2011. After several seasons of  basic farming and gardening practices, producing field crops, bee-keeping to increase pollenation as well as add honey production, I decided to take my product to the local market.

In the fall of 2015 I started a business that could provide the local community a much needed source for organically grown fresh produce as well as local honey. Neoteric farms provides  Denver Colorado and surrounding areas with high quality, amazing tasting, and organically grown Microgreens as well as

Seasonal field crops and Local Honey